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British Chess Magazine - REVIEW

Chessplus is a refreshing innovation which is likely to attract those with a curious mind, who enjoy the myriad tactical possiblities of chess & who are looking to test & improve their talent beyond “regular” paths (and as we experienced here at BCM), having a lot of fun at the same time.

Although first published in 1881 they do have a website here.


Australia By Design - FINALIST

Chessplus was an Innovation Award FINALIST and featured in the highly successful series on Channel 10, Australia by Design which uncovers the outstanding projects that exemplify excellence in Australian design and innovation.

Watch the series online here.


Good Design Australia - AWARD WINNER

WINNER of "Best in Class" Design Award thanks to industrial designer Adam Laws at Nielsen Design. The resulting game is unique and beautiful, with pieces seamlessly joining together and separating with ease. With amended playing rules, the resulting game is fast, fun, complex and utterly compelling.

Check out Good Design Australia here.




Chessplus, the exciting evolution of chess, began as a creative move by a nine year old playing chess with her dad. She joined her rook and pawn – Chessplus was born. This modern and elegantly designed game allows pieces to be seamlessly merged and separated, creating a faster, more dynamic game.

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The Meeple Guild / Sask Today


I like this one quite a bit. It’s super simple to grasp if you play chess. It tends to quicken game because there is a power surge here, since you can work toward multiple queens in play earlier than any regular chess game, which in itself will endear Chessplus to some.

Checkout their game review here.


Board Game Geek - BGG

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