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A fast paced edgy version of chess with exponentially more moves and all new strategies.

Easy to learn. Fun to play!

Combine. Split. Promote.

Combine pieces for extra strength and movement. Split for strategic advantage. Promote more! Three extra Queens are included...possibly four in play at once!

Faster play + more moves.

Many more moves and completely new strategies. Build your forces by racing your pawns to the other side for extra Queens. Discover new paths to victory. A new dimension of play awaits!


Sometimes one player is stronger than the other. With Chessplus PowerUp the weaker player can start with an Extra Queen to balance the playing field. More fun and a fair challenge for both players!

"A totally new game....Combine or split pieces to move in exciting new ways."

— Creator / Christian Simpson

"More moves. More fun. People may actually prefer this!"

— British Chess Journal / Chessplus Review

"It doesn't get better than this!"

— Good Design Award / Jury Panel

"It's not's better. We love it!"

— FOX 17 Team

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Germany + European Union

Available at CHESSPLUS GERMANY our European partners based in Cologne, German. Chessplus Germany supplies the EU and surrounding areas.


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Easy to learn.

You know most of the rules already...we've added some exciting twists for fast, intuitive game play.

Intuitive gameplay.

You already know most of the rules already...we've added some exciting twists for fast, intuitive game play.

Show me how to play!

I am so impressed!

"I am so impressed by Chessplus and how you revolutionised chess. I’ve played it with my 4 YO daughter and she’s loving it."

— Cherry Barrault

My family loves it!

"Thank you so much! I have 2 very competitive boys and my family loves it!"

— Lorrie Piper

They played for hours!

"It was awesome to see the kids enjoying Chessplus. They played for hours. Thank you."

— Macquarie College NSW


The Chessplus Team

We are a family business based in Sydney, Australia. We created Chessplus and oversee all aspects.

Aimee Simpson

The Knight - The original "creative" player who first sparked the game concept with an unorthodox move.

Christian Simpson

The King - The man responsible for everything Chessplus, but not necessarily calling the moves.

Tess Simpson

The Queen - Moving in all directions to see that business and personal commitments are honored.

Find us at The Rocks Market...

Under the Sydney Harbour Bridge on George St.

The Rocks. Sydney, Australia.

Sat + Sun: 10am – 5pm

Visit for more info.

Magnus Carlsen vs Bobby Fischer - Chess PLUS Legends.

Who would be victorius in game of Chessplus? Bobby Fischer had some thoughts on a rule update (view the video). Which playing style would win? Could Magnus Carlsen be creative enough?

The Queen's Gambit - Season 2 (Script Leak)

Will Anna Taylor-Joy's character "Beth" adapt and overcome the challenges of a divided family while her chess prodigy daughter conquers the brave new world of Chessplus? View IMBD. Stay tuned!