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Pieces are combined as they move in the traditional way...BUT a "Combined" piece can move as either piece. "Combined" pieces can split into their original pieces. If taken or promoted the "Combined" piece leaves the board. That’s pretty much it!

There are 15 possible types of combination pieces & the number of possible positions after a move is 900! This is more than double that of traditional Chess. And yes…it can be played as a traditional chess set. That's 2 games in 1.

Let's play!

Set up on a normal board as you would for regular chess. The goal is to checkmate the opponents king.

The standard rules of chess apply, with the following changes...


RULE 1 - Combine Pieces:

Use traditional Chess moves to land on the square of another piece of the same colour. These pieces are now combined. e.g. Move the Bishop onto the Rook's square. The combined piece is now the “Biook” (Bishop + Rook).



RULE 2 - Move Combined Pieces:

A combined piece can move as either of it's joined pieces.

Start combining from your very first move. Combine as often as you want. Combining is considered a move. e.g. The combined Bishop + Rook (Biook) can move as either the Bishop OR the Rook.


RULE 3 - Split Combined Pieces:

Split by moving ONE of the joined pieces away individually in their traditional path. e.g. The combined Bishop + Rook (Biook) can split by moving either the Bishop OR the Rook away individually.

RULE 4 - Promote Combined Pieces:

If a combined piece containing a pawn makes it to the far side of the board it is promoted to a Queen. Both the joined pieces leave the board. 3 extra Queens included with set. e.g. The combined Rook + Pawn (Roawn) reaches the far side of the board and promotes to a Queen.


RULE 5 - Capture Combined Pieces:

If a combined piece is captured the combined piece leaves the board, i.e. both the joined pieces. e.g. The Rook takes the combined Queen + Knight (Quight). The combined piece (Quight) leaves the board.

DOWNLOAD - The Official Chessplus Rule Book here.

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DQueen - Queen + Queen

Quishop - Queen + Bishop

Quight - Queen + Knight

Quook - Queen + Rook

Quawn - Queen + Pawn

DBishop - Bishop + Bishop

Bight - Bishop + Knight

Biook - Bishop + Rook

Biawn - Bishop + pawn

DKnight - Knight + Knight

Knook - Knight + Rook

Knawn - Knight + Pawn

DRook - Rook + Rook

Roawn - Rook + Pawn

DPawn - Pawn + Pawn

Why Chessplus?

  • It allows you to attack from the very first move.
  • There are more opening moves and more play options.
  • It will increase your speed, flexibility and classic chess level.
  • It helps you limber up for classic chess tournaments.
  • You can play Chessplus while your opponent plays classic Chess.
  • Children really enjoy the speed and flexibility offered by Chess.