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It's Like Chess, only BETTER


New Moves. More Moves. More Strength

"My kids love it. Thank you" - Jane Spivey

"It's like Chess on Speed!" - Martin Mischklunig

" people will prefer this" - British Chess Magazine



"Magic happens with Chessplus"

Grandmaster & Australian Chess Champion Max Illingworth

"The boys Love It. They play every morning before school. Can't thank you enough." Sarah

"The children really enjoy their games. They will be a regular part of our Sports. Thankyou." - Chris MC

"We took the set on our Cruise. Dad and the boys played for hours. Thank you." - Yvonne

"I am so impressed with Chessplus and how you have revolutionised Chess. I play with my 4 yr old daughter and she loves it." - Cherry

"Just played my first game with my wife. It was Chaos. We loved it!" - Prabin

"My son and I are thoroughly enjoying the game. Thank you." - Rob

Can be played as Chess
Ages 6 +

  • "It doesn't get better than this!"

    Jury Panel, 2018 - Sydney Opera House.

  • "More Moves. More Fun. People may actually prefer this!"

    The Worlds Oldest Chess Journal reviews Chessplus.

  • "It's Reinvigorating Chess. Brilliant!"

    Chessplus Review, 2018

  • "It's Not chess. It's Better!"

    "WE LOVE IT!"