Looks Like Chess.  Plays Like Chess.

Plus ...

New Moves. More Moves.

Easy to Learn. Fun to Play.

"Kids Love It. They play every morning before school. Can't thank you enough." Sarah

"The children really enjoy their games. They will be a regular part of our Sports. Thankyou." - Chris MC

"We took the set on our Cruise. Dad and the boys played for hours. Thank you." - Yvonne

"I am so impressed with Chessplus and how you have revolutionised Chess. I play with my 4 yr old daughter and she loves it." - Cherry

"Just played my first game with my wife. It was Chaos. We loved it!" - Prabin

"My son and I are thoroughly enjoying the game. Thank you." - Rob

An Award Winning Game Suitable For The Whole Family.

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  • "It doesn't get better than this!"

    Jury Panel, 2018 - Sydney Opera House.

  • "More Moves. More Fun. People may actually prefer this!"

    The Worlds Oldest Chess Journal reviews Chessplus.

  • "It's Reinvigorating Chess. Brilliant!"

    Chessplus Review, 2018

  • "It's Not chess. It's Better!"

    "WE LOVE IT!"