How to Play

Played under standard Chess rules with one small change – players can COMBINE and SPLIT their pieces.
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Set the board like Chess.
The goal is to Checkmate your opponents King.
Apply the rules of Chess plus these new moves:

Example: Move the Bishop (diagonal) onto the Rook's square. The combined piece is the Biook (Bishop + Rook).

    RULE: Use traditional Chess moves to land on the square of another piece of the same colour. Those pieces are now combined.

    Example: The combined Bishop + Rook (Biook) can move as either the Bishop or the Rook.

    RULE: A combined piece can move as either of it's joined pieces.

    Example: The combined Bishop + Rook (Biook) can split by moving either the Bishop or the Rook away individually.

    RULE: Split by moving either of the joined pieces away individually.

    Example: The combined Rook + Pawn (Roawn) reaches the far side of the board and promotes to a Queen.

    RULE: If a combined piece containing a pawn makes it to the far side of the board it is promoted to a Queen. Both the joined pieces leave the board. 3 extra Queens included with set.

    Example: The Rook takes the combined Queen + Knight (Quight). The combined piece (Quight) leaves the board.

    RULE: If a combined piece is captured the combined piece leaves the board, ie both the joined pieces.

    Start combining from your very first move (e.g. Bishop onto Pawn).
    Combine as often as you want. Combining is considered a move.


    DQueen - Queen + Queen
    Quishop - Queen + Bishop
    Quight - Queen + Knight
    Quook  - Queen + Rook
    Quawn. - Queen + Pawn
    DBishop - Bishop + Bishop
    Bight - Bishop + Knight
    Biook - Bishop + Rook
    Biook - Bishop + pawn
    DKnight - Knight + Knight
    Knook - Knight + Rook
    Knawn - Knight + Pawn
    DRook - Rook + Rook
    Roawn - Rook + Pawn
    DPawn - Pawn + Pawn
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