How To Play

Chessplus is played under standard Chess rules with one small change – players can Combine and Split their pieces. Watch now or keep reading.

The Quick Rules

Apply the rules of Chess, plus these new moves for a faster, more exciting and addictive game:

  • Create new Combined pieces by moving any piece, according to it's abilities, onto the square of another piece of the same colour.
  • A Combined piece can move as either of it's joined pieces.
  • Combined pieces can be split by moving either of it's joined pieces away individually.
  • Promotions - If a Combined piece containing a pawn makes it to the other side of the board the Combined piece is promoted to a Queen.
  • When a Combined piece is captured the Combined piece leaves the board (both the joined pieces).
  • To combine or split is considered a move.

Download The Official Chessplus Rule Book Here

  • "It doesn't get better than this!"

    Jury Panel, 2018 - Sydney Opera House.

  • "More Moves. More Fun. People may actually prefer this!"

    The Worlds Oldest Chess Journal reviews Chessplus.