How to Play

Played under standard Chess rules with one small change – players can combine and split their pieces.

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Set the board like Chess. The goal is to checkmate your opponents King.

Apply the rules of Chess, plus these new moves:

    Use the traditional chess move of a piece to land on the square of another piece of the same colour.

    Example: Move the Bishop onto the Rook's square. The combined piece is the Biook (Bishop + Rook).


    A Combined piece can move as either of it's joined pieces.

    Example: The combined Bishop + Rook (Biook) can move as either the Bishop or the Rook.

    Split by moving either of the joined pieces away individually.

    Example: The combined Bishop + Rook (Biook) can split by moving either the Bishop or the Rook away individually.

    If a combined piece containing a pawn makes it to the far side of the board it is promoted to a Queen. Both the joined pieces leave the board. 3 Extra Queens included.

    Example: The combined Rook + Pawn (Roawn) promotes to a Queen.

    If a combined piece is captured the combined piece leaves the board, ie both the joined pieces.

    Example: The Rook takes the combined Queen + Knight (Quight). The combined piece (Quight) leaves the board.

    Start combining from your very first move (e.g. Bishop onto Pawn).

    Combine as often as you want. Combining is considered a move.




    DQueen - Queen + Queen

    Quishop - Queen + Bishop

    Quight - Queen + Knight

    Quook  - Queen + Rook

    Quawn. - Queen + Pawn

    DBishop - Bishop + Bishop

    Bight - Bishop + Knight

    Biook - Bishop + Rook

    Biook - Bishop + pawn

    DKnight - Knight + Knight

    Knook - Knight + Rook

    Knawn - Knight + Pawn

    DRook - Rook + Rook

    Roawn - Rook + Pawn

    DPawn - Pawn + Pawn

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