The Inspiration

With a smile Aimee moved her rook onto a pawns square. Her dad looked on intrigued. With her next move she carried the rook and the pawn to the far side of the board and proudly announced "I get a queen, I'm going to beat you!". Her dad smiled and Chessplus was born.


Combine a rook and a bishop and the new piece moves just like a queen. Instead of a pawn crawling across the board, combine it with a rook, then take it straight to the other side for a promotion.  Each set has 3 extra queens included so players can have multiple queens on the board.
Kids love the queen and knight combination. It's super strong for hunting down your opponents king.
But watch out, if your ‘combined’ piece is taken you lose both pieces! More risk and more reward.
Winner of the Australian Good Design Trophy, 2018.


  "The kids played with their dad for 9 hours straight working out new strategies. Thank you so much." - Linda

The Design

Designed by Adam Laws, Nielsen Design, Sydney, Australia

The pieces are modern objects of design, a perfect marriage of form and function.  They combine with ease and support the free flowing character of the game.  Elegant and sophisticated from every angle the pieces convey a modernity with a true Scandinavian feel. Their curves create a softness and desire to be both appreciated and experienced.
To compliment the pieces Nielsen Design created a unique and stylish Wrap Around Playing Board, including a laser etched acrylic box for proper storage of the pieces.  These items perfectly compliment the pieces and create a totally stylish gift or personal game set.

To Play

Pieces combine as they traditionally move. A 'Combined' piece can move as either piece. ‘Combined’ pieces can split into their original pieces. If taken or promoted the ‘Combined’ piece leaves the board. That’s pretty much it!
And yes … it can be played as a traditional chess set. That's 2 games in 1.


The Team


Christian brought Chessplus to life. Having played Chess all his life he never thought it could be improved, until. He studied Science and Fine Arts. He finds peace and revives himself through yoga, loves surfing and playing Chessplus. He has a great eye for potential and loves design. Initiating the Chessplus game is his way of sharing some fun with the world and playing Chessplus with random and amazing people, all the time being challenged.


Teresa is the backbone of Chessplus - making sure every item that leaves the door is properly cared for and accounted for. With an eye for design and promotion she loves customers, playing Chessplus with kids and has the patience of Yoda. Finishing her legal studies she is a leopard masquerading as a pussycat.


Aimee is the creative genius behind Chessplus - always looking from a different angle and applying logical thinking. Seriously good at drawing and fashion design she works part-time designing funky clothes and wants to be a stand up comic and ride a motorcycle. If you ask her who's better at Chessplus, her or Dad, there'll be an argument :)

  • "It doesn't get better than this!"

    Jury Panel, 2018 - Sydney Opera House.

  • "More Moves. More Fun. People may actually prefer this!"

    The Worlds Oldest Chess Journal reviews Chessplus.